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Demo of the World's Best Vehicle/Boat Video - GPS Tracking - More
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Perfect GPS Tracking - Perfect Live Video - UPDATES EVERY SECOND!   See more Features
The World's best GPS with Video Tracking System - see it here on the GPS/Video Demo page (typical fleet monitor page layout)
Feel secure with your boat or vehicle, look inside. In vehicle system will support up to three cameras! View them from any browser anywhere in the world. System will also display CAN, NMEA2000 and NMEA 0183 data (display option not included).
Are your workers safe, is your equipment secure? Apart from a safe driver there is no better safety tool than uViewItGPS UP TO THE SECOND LOCATION AND DRIVERS VIEW... Watch the driver, his route and know EXACTLY where he is at all times. Like being in the back seat...See exactly where a car is and what the driver sees too. Up to the second location information may someday be life saving... Get full Taxi Flyer CLICK TO SEE DEMO Live video - up-to-the-second, means a safer police officer! CLICK TO SEE DEMO CLICK TO SEE DEMO CLICK TO SEE DEMO ASK FOR MORE INFORMATION HAVE A REPRESENTATIVE CONTACT ME SHOPPING CART CLICK TO SEE DEMO CLICK TO SEE DEMO CLICK TO SEE DEMO

See Large View
of Live Boat Data

The uViewIt GPS with Video Mobile system features:

ALL  - Instantly viewed in browsers, no special software required.
Works with Internet Explorer(R), Microsoft. 
Firefox (R), Sun Microsystems,
Sarari (R), Apple Computers
And most other browsers and most Internet ready mobile phones. .

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Onc second updated GPS position with Live Streaming Video
O Instant Live Video from the vehicle displaying one or two cameras.
O In vehicle recording in high resolution VGA mobile video. 
O Instant remote playback of GPS and optional, instant, playback from remote storage. If the unit is stolen or damaged - you've got them anyway.
O Both Live High Frame Rate Streaming Video and 1/FPS or faster motion "jpeg" video.

Live GPS location updated every one second.
O Live, Instant Vehicle Position with moving map.
O Speed, Time, Direction, Vehicle number and position displayed Live.
O Continuous vehicle position recording on server for instant playback. Always available one second later.
O Full playback features using familiar recorder controls (Fast Rewind, Rewind, Stop, Forward, Fast Forward)

Other Features -
O A selection of optional vehicle monitoring sensors such as door, passenger counters, temperature, motor conditions, etc.
O All data is logged and available instantly (push button request or at a set time of day) or displayed live.
O Works with either or both broadband (Mobile "Sticks") or Wifi automatically!
O Works with many US and Foreign broadband Sticks (some supported are Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, VIVO-Brazil)
O Motion Detection with Zones and Threshold adjustable.
O Will automatically call your cell or other phone upon motion detection (within 4 adjustable time periods, ex: when car is parked).
O One or Two Camera operation.

O Both Industrial (wide temperature and harsh environment) and Commercial products available.
O Solid State Hard Drives (industrial unit), NO MOVING PARTS
O Remote access for software upgrades (performed routinely and automatically) and remote service and maintenance, instantly.
O Works with any composite video camera. No need for special IP cameras or IP following. Just go to any browser and see the vehicle position and video.
O Features Pan, Tilt, Zoom at no extra charge (requires optional PTZ camera). Many optional controls and sensors available - a complete control system capable unit.